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  1. To start seller account on readymadeprint, you have to be uploaded minimum one design a month

  2. Keep design price on website to be without tax 

  3. Readymadeprint fees 15% + Tax

  4. Payment credit two date are fixed 10th & 25th in every month e. g. if buyer would be buy your design in 11th to 24th date so payment to be credited on your account by 25th date

  5. Ensure sell your own design not to be copy write issue

  6. Some documents are mandatory required: PanCard, Aadhaar card, Cancelled Cheque, address proof & one photo + payment wallet no e. g. 9911237373 (gpay, phonepay)

  7. Readymadeprint every seller digital product any time refused if digital products are doubtful 

  8. After received your request, you will be sent a online form by then you start sell your own digital products or click here for submit form

Seller Account Information
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